Founded in 2008, Faculty consists of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Food Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering Departments.
Faculty of Engineering met with the students first in 2009. The students graduated first in 2013. Education continues in the Departments of Food Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering at 1, 2, 3 and 4 grades.

Student Distribution by Departments
Faculty of Engineering, including the daytime education and evening education 1630 students continues to their education.
Number of Academic Staff at Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Engineering has 23 (twenty three) faculty members, four (4) lecturers, 72 (seventy-two) research assistants that totally 99 (ninety nine) faculty work in Faculty of Engineering.

Number of Administrative Staff at Faculty of Engineering:
Our faculty has 14 (fourteen) administrative personnel.
Physical Opportunities
Our faculty is located in the Central Campus of Dede Korkut that has 8,100 m2 physical spaces;
• 65 persons capacity Computer Laboratory, Technical Drawing Class (1 Piece)
• 36 persons capacity Computer Laboratory (1 Piece)
• 30 persons capacity Computer Laboratory (1 Piece)
• 20 persons capacity Unit of Foreign Languages Laboratory (1 Piece)
• 120 persons capacity Lecture Hall (Lecture Hall is used to as a multi-purpose hall with technical equipment) (1 Piece)
• Totally 796 persons capacity classrooms (13 pieces)
• Total 981 persons capacity classrooms (Lecture Hall, Drawing Class included) (15 Pieces)
• 66 persons capacity multi-purpose Conference Hall,
• 20 persons capacity Meeting Room,
• Additionally, supplying equipment, supplies, vehicles and equipments are provided to carry out applied courses of all departments. There are also 15 student laboratory/workplace that few of them active and few of others’ configuration continues.  There is a beton and cure room.
• There are projectors in all classrooms and laboratories.