Vision and Mission

Our Mission
Our mission is to raise individuals who are researchers, producers of universal information and technology, participatory, collaborative, original and aesthetic values. Additionally, our mission is to create a modern vocational education and culture savvy and to raise respectful individuals to social values.

Our Vision
• is to be a faculty that is well-known with the quality of research, education and training in Turkey and the world, preferred in the first place;
• is to have a administration that encourages teamwork with participation;
•is to be a faculty that is working to solve the problems of our country especially our city’s problems. In addition, our mission is to be pioneer in ensuring the collaboration among university, industry and community;
• is to be faculty which enables effective conduct and service for online undergraduate / graduate education;
• is to be faculty which is preserving the essence of our traditional arts and producing modern, long lasting and original works;
• is to be a faculty which is respectful for universal values, has adopted the principles of total quality management and constantly evolving.


Tekil Ziyaret : 362
Toplam Ziyaret : 664